About Me

jonathan nadlmanI am a licensed psychotherapist in a successful private practice and have been counselling adults, couples, young people and their families for twenty-four years.

For many of these years, I served as the supervising therapist at a private Los Angeles middle and high school where I observed every possible challenge our youth are facing.

In addition, I teach human development and puberty as a rite-of-passage to parents and their sons at many independent schools. I also offer a substance abuse prevention course to teens. Using my years of experience and thoughtful commentary, I model how we can be reliable companions to the intensity, curiosity, and passion of our youth. I bring a unique and important contribution to our understanding of the nature of individual change and growth.

I also offer rites- of-passage workshops for teen and adult men, in order to integrate the gifts and talents, responsibilities and courage that each of us possess as we move from one life stage to the next.

I am called to the ground of my being by way of drumming my djembe, running the hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, or in the garden with my wife and daughter. When inspired, I can be found trying to change wood into art. At other times if there’s a swell, riding the California surf.

Fatherhood has taught me the true meaning of humility as well as growing my heart three sizes. I am married to a beautiful woman who continues to be my greatest teacher, as well as my radio partner on He Said, She Said.

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