relationshipMy personal and professional life has been a study in relationships; with Self, with career, and with an intimate partner. Each confronts us in its own way. Partnership does so in a particularly challenging fashion. Once the projections, fantasy, and intensity of the honeymoon stage fades, we have the chance to glimpse the exquisite unconscious reasons that we have manifested this relationship at this time.

Clearly intimate partnership is not meant to be conflict free nor led by ongoing romance. Try sharing a bathroom with a lover! Yet we are compelled to partner, to form deep and intimate attachments with obligations and contracts. Relationship is a powerful vehicle in the frontier of self-discovery and growth; to boldly go where we must if we are going to reclaim the lost parts of ourselves or confront the unhealed family legacy we have unwittingly inherited.

What is the relationship conflict or obstacle asking you to confront or feel that you have been unable to face?

Every relationship holds a gift even if the gift is to learn how to walk away.
Ultimately each of us is meant to feel our life completely. Relationship is a primary means of breaking the heart open so that we may live with an open heart. We get hurt in relationship and it is in relationship that we heal.

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