“We should not feel embarrassed by our difficulties, only by our failure to grow anything beautiful from them.”
~ Alain De Botton

welcomeThe time has come when the fear and risk of staying asleep is greater than the risk to awaken. It seems that profound suffering and disconnection are everywhere, making us more vulnerable to worry, stress, isolation, and despair. This collective sorrow is asking us to bring a greater level of attention and compassion to our heartache. What if the suffering itself is the doorway to the deeper questions begging to be asked, and the old beliefs waiting to be challenged?

Often our ways of protecting ourselves from the overwhelm of early fear, grief, and trauma have become outdated. These early behaviours and coping mechanisms may have served us well at some point but eventually grow to sabotage our efforts to form intimate attachments as well as meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Rage, depression, anxiety, loneliness, and substance abuse are often the souls way of directing our attention to the discord between the manner in which we currently exist and the beautiful and unimaginable life we are capable of. This suffering and resultant awareness is the soul’s attempt to inspire real action. If we take genuine steps toward life, the soul responds generously with an action of it’s own. If you build a fire the soul chops wood; if you set out to climb the mountains, the soul lays the path.

Entering into the therapeutic process is the building of the fire, the creation of ritual space where the soul’s conversation with life can be heard. In this sacred place, the knots can be untied, the psychic and emotional wounds can begin to articulate their true story and needs, and we learn how to heal.

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